Jerusalem Jewish Sites – Walking Tour

This tour covers the historical, cultural and religious aspects of the Jewish quarter and the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem.
In this tour we will visit: Mamilla, Mishkenot Sha’ananim (first Jewish community established out of the walls), David’s tomb, The Four Sephardi synagogues, Batei Mahase quarter (the history of the Jewish defenders against the invasion of the Arab Legion during the war of independence), The Hurva Synagogue, The remains of the great wall built by King Hezekiah, Western Wall, great lookouts.
Why Jerusalem is considered the heart of the Jewish people? Let’s discover together the eternal link between the Jewish people through the ancient time until now with its capital and spiritual center.
Time allowing I will show you a hidden gem, a unique site in the Old City which regular tours don’t take you.


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